Casa Fernando Pessoa 
  Fernando Pessoa 
  Guided Tours and Learning Programme 



The house where Fernando Pessoa lived for the last 15 years of his life (1920-35), in Campo de Ourique, a charismatic neighborhood in Lisbon, is nowadays a lively house of culture where it is possible to visit the poet’s bedroom, with the original chest of drawers on which, on the so called “triumphal day”, Pessoa gave voice to his main heteronyms.


Personal objects, such as his typewriter, his glasses or notebooks, amongst others, are part of Casa Fernando Pessoa collection, as the multimedia space - “Dreamatorium” – and the author’s precious personal library – digitalized and available for public viewing online.

In this polyvalent universe take place seminars, conferences, shows and talks on literature, exhibitions, and workshops for the younger audiences. It is also possible to take a guided visit through the house and to access the library – specialized in poetry and Fernando Pessoa.

Casa Fernando Pessoa has also a restaurant, Flagrante Delitro (flagrantedelitro18@gmail.com), open every day, Monday to Saturday.

Opened in 1993, by initiative of the City Council, Casa Fernando Pessoa is now managed by EGEAC, EM.