Casa Fernando Pessoa 
  Fernando Pessoa 
  Guided Tours and Learning Programme 

A house open to the world

The architecture of the Casa Fernando Pessoa draws us into the “Pessoan labyrinth”; its use of white depicting the cool melancholy of the poet’s emotional life.
The last room Fernando Pessoa lived in is on the first floor, and has been restored to how it was during the poet’s life. Some of Pessoa’s furniture is there, which he kept with him throughout his various changes of residence – sixteen in all. This includes the chest of drawers where, on the night of 8th March 1914, the poet wrote three of his greatest works: The Keeper of Sheep (O Guardador de Rebanhos) by Alberto Caeiro, Oblique Rain (A Chuva Oblíqua) by Fernando Pessoa, and Triumphal Ode (Ode Triunfal ) by Álvaro de Campos.
There is also a typewriter, from one of the offices where Pessoa worked as a translator, which he used to write most of the poems by his heteronym, Álvaro de Campos. The portrait of Fernando Pessoa, by Rodrigues Castañe, which hangs in the room is the only one the poet actually posed for.
In addition to temporary and thematic exhibitions, your visit will introduce you to various works by contemporary Portuguese artists (such as Júlio Pomar, Costa Pinheiro, José de Guimarães, Bartolomeu dos Santos and Renato Cruz); as well as the abat-jour decorated with drawings and poems by, among others, Bertina Lopes, A.M. Couto Viana, Cruzeiro Seixas, David Mourão Ferreira, Fernanda Botelho, Mário Cesariny and Martins Correia.