Dionísia Estrela Seabra (1824- 1907), paternal grandmother

General Joaquim António de Araújo Pessoa (1813-1885), paternal grandfather

Magdalena Xavier Pinheiro Nogueira (1836-1898), maternal grandmother

Conselheiro Luís António Nogueira (1832-1884), maternal grandfather

Joaquim de Seabra Pessoa (1850-1893), father. Civil servant for the Ministry of Justice and a music critic for the Diário de Notícias. He died of tuberculosis.

Maria Magdalena Pinheiro Nogueira (1861-1925), mother

Commander João Miguel Rosa (1857-1919). Portugal’s consul in Durban, South Africa and the man to whom Fernando Pessoa’s mother remarried, three years after being widowed and two years after the death of her youngest son, Jorge, when still a baby.

Fernando Pessoa in his mother’s arms.

Henriqueta Madalena (1896-1992), or “Teca”, the sibling he was closest to. She was responsible for preserving his literary archive.

Madalena Henriqueta (1898-1901), sister

Luís Miguel (1900-1975), brother

João Maria (1902-1973), brother

Maria Clara (1904-1906), sister

In 1901, with his mother, his brother Luís, his stepfather and his sister Teca.

The poet with his brothers and sister